How to Afford Relocating to Another State for a Job

The following is a guest post from Dominique over at where he writes about money and budgeting from the perspective of a millennial living in the city. Dominique had to relocate from the East Coast to Chicago for a job and wanted to share his experience affording such an expensive journey. I’m glad he did, because he offers some great tips in here. Read on! 

Earlier this year I made a major life change. I was offered an amazing job working for a successful tech startup. The gig came with tons of perks like free lunch, all the snacks you could want, unlimited vacation, a beautiful office downtown and so much more. But there was one downside. I had to move over 700 miles away to Chicago. Oh yea, and I had to cover all the costs of the move myself.

A lot of you are probably thinking the same thing I was when I first received the offer. How in the world am I going to afford this?

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Here are ALL of our NYC vacation expenses

So my wife and I recently took a 7 day/6 night vacation in New York City and I wanted to provide an update each day on what we’re spending our money on.

Outside of booking our flight & hotel on a credit card the month before and then paying it off a few weeks later at the beginning of February when the bill was due, we didn’t use credit at all for this trip. We also didn’t dig into savings. Because of that, we tried to keep expenses relatively low so we didn’t put ourselves in a bad spot after the trip.


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Budget Worksheets: Here are my top free, printable templates

Budget worksheets don’t have to be complicated.

But everyone’s finances are different, so you should make sure to find a budget template that fits you.

That’s why I’ve compiled a HUGE list of free, printable worksheets for you to use. Most are for Excel, but then there are great resources for Google Docs as well and then a few with Microsoft Office Online. A couple printable PDFs are included in the list too.

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Monthly Budget Update: I spent how much on food!?

October was an odd month for me, with my wife and I taking a vacation to the Pacific Northwest, which is about a 3 and a 1/2 hour flight for us.

Considering the distance with flights, hotel, car, food and activities, we only spent $1,400 for a five day vacation. A lot of the activities that we did we were free outdoor activities like hiking or cheap local attractions like a fall festival. It really helped us keep our expenses down!

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