Cord Cutting Options Continue to Become More Appealing

2016 finally seems to be the year that cord cutting is a reasonable alternative to cable TV.

With great services like Sling TV, Netflix, CBS All Access and more, there are a ton of options to save money.

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But lately, there have been some great new service additions lately that are worth taking note.

Hulu’s Newly Announced Streaming Service

In 2017, Hulu will be expanding its service to offer a mixture of live broadcast and cable TV that will include both news AND sports.

Because Hulu is owned by major companies like Fox, Disney & NBC Universal (Comcast, essentially) they all have a vested interest in making sure their programming is available to a new wave of consumers.

Pricing isn’t available, but similar options Sling or PlayStation Vue TV range in cost from $20 – $40ish.

My guess is the price will likely be closer to the middle-to-high end of the range because it will include both on-demand and live content.

There’s not a whole lot of details yet, but it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on!

Government intervening in the set-top box industry

In the middle of April, President Obama pushed the FCC to look into expanding the cable box industry so consumers could use whatever box they wanted instead of being tied to one device.

I currently have Cox cable in Arizona and I have to rent a cable box for my main TV for an extra fee per month.


In some cases, renting these can cost up to an extra $200 / year. With a lot of cable companies requiring a 2-year commitment, you’re agreeing to an extra $400 of cost at least when you’re already paying them for their service.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could simply purchase a Roku-like device that would be compatible with a variety of services?

Well, that’s the idea.

Cable companies could still offer their box, but you would have a choice and because of that, their offering would be significantly more competitive.

Not being ripped off by cable companies and their fees? Wow.

And believe it or not, Comcast of all companies, announced they are planning to take their Xfinity TV service to an over-the-internet delivery versus traditional cable. This will allow them to use an app to deliver content to a variety of devices.

Partnering with Roku, customers can use the Xfinity app to watch live & on-demand content through their box instead of having to hook up a separate set-top box.

Delivering content through the app instead of traditional cable will also allow you to more easily watch content on a variety devices.

Appealing, right?

So keep an eye out for more cord-cutting news through the rest of 2016. There’s going to be a lot of great stuff coming down the pipeline.

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