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Interested in contributing to Hacking Your Budget?

I would love to hear your idea (please send me the idea before any content)!

If you’re interested in contributing, keep in mind:

  • I’m generally looking for content over 700 – 800 words (longer preferable, as long as you’re not just throwing in content just do to so). Exceptions can be made, but it has to be some great content.
  • Links? One link with branded anchor text can be included if you’re wanting to link back to a relevant website you own. Also, please include links to other un-owned relevant resources that you think may support your content. I will end up removing or adjusting any links I find spammy or irrelevant. If applicable, I also hold the right to include an internal link to a relevant piece of my own content.
  • Proofread once, twice and even three times. I’m not going to go through and edit your post, so if it needs work I’m simply going to send it back.
  • Please avoid sending me an article that includes huge paragraph blocks. I’m not a huge fan of the flow and would rather have 1 – 3 sentence paragraphs. If you need some examples, take a look at some of the other posts I have done to see what I’m talking about.

I’m not trying to be difficult, I’m just wanting to ensure we’re sharing the best possible content.

If you’re still interested, please message me your general topic idea and a few points that you’ll end up covering in your post.