How to Use CDs for Large Purchases

Knowing you have a large purchase coming up can be overwhelming. A down payment on a house for example? Or maybe you’re paying cash for a car because you don’t want to go into debt for it? That’s a lot of money that you have to come up with.

And with that type of savings taking longer than most, there are a lot of places where you can go wrong (or right!) on your savings path.

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Education: The First Step Toward Financial Empowerment

The following blog post is part of The Road to Financial Wellness blog tour. The Road to Financial Wellness is a three-month, grassroots campaign promoting financial empowerment on a national level and encourages people to pursue their dream lifestyle. Find out more about local events near you.

The concept of financial empowerment can mean many things to many people.

It can mean having flexibility with your finances, being proactive with your money, having an emergency fund so you always are prepared or it could mean something entirely different!

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My brother’s college graduation put student loans in perspective

Last Friday, my wife and I traveled down to Tucson, AZ for my brother’s college graduation. 795 people in his graduating class from the business college down at the University of Arizona.

Graduation took almost 2 hours, and he was one of the first that walked.

Yeah….it ended up being a long ceremony!

But as those 795 walked across the stage, I couldn’t help but wonder just how much student debt was sitting down and graduating before me.

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The Unexpected Story of $30k+ in Student Loans – Financial Aid Doesn’t Always Go As Planned

My wife, Heather, wrote the following post sharing her student loan story. She went to college from 2009 – 2013 and unexpectedly ended up having to take out student loans to fund the last two years of her education. 

Have a ridiculous student loan experience? Make sure to share below. 

I grew up in an environment where college was just a given.

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Cord Cutting Options Continue to Become More Appealing

2016 finally seems to be the year that cord cutting is a reasonable alternative to cable TV.

With great services like Sling TV, Netflix, CBS All Access and more, there are a ton of options to save money.

CHECK IT OUT: Here’s a full list of cord cutting options and devices so you can get away from cable TV 

But lately, there have been some great new service additions lately that are worth taking note.

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Here are ALL of our NYC vacation expenses

So my wife and I recently took a 7 day/6 night vacation in New York City and I wanted to provide an update each day on what we’re spending our money on.

Outside of booking our flight & hotel on a credit card the month before and then paying it off a few weeks later at the beginning of February when the bill was due, we didn’t use credit at all for this trip. We also didn’t dig into savings. Because of that, we tried to keep expenses relatively low so we didn’t put ourselves in a bad spot after the trip.


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Budget Worksheets: Here are my top free, printable templates

Budget worksheets don’t have to be complicated.

But everyone’s finances are different, so you should make sure to find a budget template that fits you.

That’s why I’ve compiled a HUGE list of free, printable worksheets for you to use. Most are for Excel, but then there are great resources for Google Docs as well and then a few with Microsoft Office Online. A couple printable PDFs are included in the list too.

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